24/7 offers a comprehensive training program for corporate spokespeople including messaging workshops, presentation skills, and media interview skills. We offer coaching and training for individuals and small groups. Our training programs are based on a ‘street smart’ approach to public speaking and have been customized to prepare our clients for a variety of speaking engagements—keynote speeches, TV interviews, TED talks, industry association presentations, webinar, radio guest appearances, media interviews, promo video, expert panels, customer or partner case study presentation and more. We provide top quality media training for public and private corporate CEOs, product managers and even entry level employees to convey a positive overview of your corporate culture.

When speaking in a public setting, image and delivery are everything. If you are speaking to a group and fail to connect with your attendees, no one benefits from your message.  During a press opportunity, stating the right words, well timed with proper emphasis, can make the difference between a good story, a bad story or no story at all.

This is where speaker training pays big dividends for corporations and audiences.  With 24/7 coaching, you’ll receive the following development approaches to stellar speaking performances:

  • Broadcast, radio, one-on-one, and trade show media interview preparation so that you are ready for any situation, even on short notice.
  • Mock interviews with random questions intended to challenge your position and throw you off balance in your interview.
  • Guidance for addressing large audiences based upon how the room is setup, including projection location.
  • Our crash course in the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of speaking with the media.
  • Connecting with your target through personal stories and imparting humor into the conversation or speech.
  • Tips on attire and preparation.
  • Tools to differentiate yourself on an expert panel.
  • Bridging transition statements to steer the conversation back to your key messages.
  • How to maximize space upon a stage, utilize gestures and pace your speech for poignancy.


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